Swiss Green Economy Symposium

Sustainably successful.


Why we need the Swiss Green Economy Symposium?
States and communities of states cannot anymore solve economic, social and environmental challenges on their own. Dialog and unprejudiced cooperation between all parts of society is needed. Business plays a central part in developing solutions. The Swiss Green Economy Symposium is a neutral and non-ideological platform for discussing and exchanging successful solutions and projects that help mastering those complex challenges.

What does the SGES bring?
Since 2013, the Swiss Green Economy Symposium has shown by means of practical examples how business, politics, research and civil society can together contribute to more prosperity, protection of environment and a more peaceful community life. Mutual exchange drives reciprocal learning. New innovative possibilities for solutions can be identified and recipes for success shared. The symposium inspires its participants, top executives and opinion leaders to concrete actions.

The importance of SGES
The Swiss Green Economy Symposium has established itself since 2013 as comprehensive and leading conference for sustainable business in Switzerland. Since 2016 the Symposium looks beyond the national horizon and addresses an international audience.

Cornerstones of the Swiss Green Economy Symposium
The Sustainable Development Goals 2030 of UNO are the cornerstones of the Swiss Green Economy Symposium. With these goals, the UNO acknowledged «Green Economy» for the first time as a central cornerstone for sustainable development. «Green Economy» aims at creating material prosperity, preserving social peace and enabling an intact environment – thus creating high quality of life in all its aspects.

The UNO-goals comprise a total of 17 main and 169 secondary goals that do not only balance economic, social and environmental aspects. For the first time in history, sustainable development and global fight against poverty are united in an agenda that involves all states as well as enterprises. It is designed to accomodate globalization and overcomes parochial national thinking.

Following the 17th of those UNO-goals – Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development – the Swiss Green Economy Symposium offers a forum and empowering environment for dialog and exchange.

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